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Porter’s corner was inspired by my son Porter who was born premature at 31 weeks weighing 3 lbs.  After a lot of prayer and a few years of being in and out of the hospital he began to grow and bless us with his sweet spirit.  Porter was non-verbal, could not walk, had a sensory disorder, as well as a few other medical issues. During these years my horse training and showing were put on the back burner although we still kept some of our horses. As with any parent when your child faces obstacles You begin to research ways to help them.  This is when my older son’s pony (Freckle)came to the rescue.  I walked many miles with Freckle and Porter hoping that would help him learn to walk despite Doctors saying it wouldn’t work. The First time I put him on Freckle he smiled soo big and put his fingers into the pony’s mane.  I knew then he would benefit from his daily rides.  Porter has continued riding and today he not only rides but he walks and RUNS. He has become verbal and his sensory issues have greatly improved.

Porter has a very rare, hard to diagnose genetic disorder called Coffin-Siris Syndrome. This causes variable degrees of learning disability, developmental delays, underdeveloped “pinky” toenails or fingernails, and distinct facial features.

Right after Porter‘s 4th birthday, we lost my husband and the boy’s father. Travis was such a great husband and father to Logan and Porter. We were so blessed to have him be our support and rock during those times. By the grace of God, Logan has taken after his father and has been a great help to his brother and me.  God used our animals also.  After our loss the animals were there.  Many hours were spent caring for them although I think we needed them more than they needed us.  Spending time in the barn helped all three of us be able to continue living with peace and hope. – Wendy

At Porter‘s Corner we want to share the gift of the Love we have for our animals and the hope and healing they have given us.

Porter’s Corner is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides equine assisted activities and learning. Therapeutic activities with the help of animals are beneficial to the emotional and social well being of individuals.

Our goal is to help others by enhancing the lives of individuals affected with disabilities, special needs, veterans and those who have experienced loss.

Therapeutics partnered with animals, empower both individuals and their families by promoting independence and life skills.